PUNATURE is a leading manufacturer of Natamycin, Nisin, Rennet and Coagulants, Instant Dry Yeast, Enzymes, and so on. 

Our products have been distributed in the markets of South East Asia, Russia, East and West Europe, North and South America, and many other countries and territories. Our facilities have acquired quality certificates of ISO9001, ISO 22000, Kosher and Halal. 

PUNATURE works closely with domestic universities and institutes for microorganism R&D, and further develop production techniques in our own R&D center. PUNATURE’s R&D team consists of knowledgeable and experienced specialists who have been working on test and analysis for decades. They focus on testing and analyzing in different application purpose based on the requirements of customers, optimizing product efficacies and realizing true cost-saving.

Our products are aimed to improve the quality and enhance the function and flavor capacities of our customers’ products. To provide customers with quality products and services is the mission of us. All the raw materials we use are well selected and are from all possible pure natural sources. 

The management and employees of PUNATURE have been continuously improving to achieve customer’s highest satisfaction. Our people are well trained in production, packing, marking, loading containers, etc, which will ensure us to provide customers with high quality products, competitive prices and prompt response for inquiries. Our sales team are also able to give you high efficient communication, professional suggestions, clear and correct documentations and on time delivery.


We believe: Our Supply, You Satisfy!

Corporate culture

Our Mission

Provide high-quality products and services to create maximum added value for our customers

Keep pace with the times for continuous development and fulfill our responsibility to the society

Improve working conditions for our employees to realize their self-values

Focus on environmental protection and do our best to maintain the natural resources

Our Vision

In pursuit of all-round excellent performance to be a leading product manufacturer and service provider

Our Value


development history

2010Start production of Natamycin and Nisin

2011Start Production of Microbial Rennet

2013Start production of Instant Dry Yeast

2017Start production of Transglutaminase