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Natamycin 95%

Natamycin (also known as Natamicina, Natamycine, Natamax, Natacid) is a new broad and high-effective natural food preservative and the only approved anti-fungal preservative in the international area. Natamycin not only inhibits the growth of fungi, but also inhibits the production of their toxin. Natamycin has no effect on bacteria, so it does not prevent the natural maturing process of yogurt, cheese, fresh harm, sausage, etc. It would not impact food taste. Meanwhile, natamycin is difficult to be absorbed by human digestive tract so that it is safe for human being. Until now Natamycin has been approved as food preservative in more than 40 countries, and is widely applied in cheese, meat food, cakes, fruit juice/sauce/jelly, salted products, and other foods.

Molecular Formula: C33H47NO13        Molecular Weight: 665.73

Physical Characteristic: Natamycin is a white or slightly yellow powder. It is very stable at room temperature; the solubility is very low in water and in most organic solvents. Only 50mg natamycin can be dissolved in 1 L pure water at room temperature. This low solubility makes it very suitable for use on the surfaces of food. Natamycin will stay on surface of the food, where most moulds and yeasts may grow, but does not influence the natural course of fermentation inside.

Quality Standards:



(Natamycin, dry base )



Loss on drying


Residue on ignition




Pb, g/kg


Heave metals(Pb),mg/kg


Total Plate Count(cfu/g)


Coliforms    (MPN/g)




Usage: Food preservative. Ideal result can be achieved by using Natamycin on the exposed surface of the food where the moulds and yeasts may grow. This is especially useful for cheese manufacture, since the mould growth is prevented, while the cheese ripening bacteria will grow and metabolize normally. 

Application standard:

1. U.S.A.: FDA, § 172. 155, 2000: Treat (Spray or dip) the surface of the cheese with 200-300mg/kg aqueous solutions.

2. EU: Permitted on the surface of cheese and sausage casings

3. China: GB2760-2001: for cheese, meat and meat products, moon cakes, snacks, raw juice for coating use, surface of utensils, perishable food, Salad sauce, Fermented wine, etc.

The FAO/WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additive confirmed the acceptable daily intake (ADI) if Natamycin as 0.3mg/KG (total body weight). This was also endorsed by the EU. In China its use is permitted in the food industry.

Packing and Storage:

1. 95% Natamycin

2. 100g, 500g, 10kg, 25kg or packed as per customer’s requirements

3. Keep in cool, dry, pollution-free, in original sealed container, and prevent from direct sunlight and store at temperature below 20°C.

Shelf Life: 24 months.


Kosher, Halal, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000