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Kappa Refined Carrageenan: E407

Kappa Carrageenan is white translucent tasteless strip or powder. Melting point is 80 ℃. 1% carrageenan aqua can become glue gum liquid, and solid after cooling off, gel has the flexibility. It is obtained by aqueous extraction of natural strains of seaweeds of Gigartinaceae, Solieriaceae, Hypneaceae and Furcellar iaceae, families of the class Rhodophyceae (red seaweeds). No organic precipitant shall be used other than methanol, ethanol and propane-2-ol. Carrageenan consists chiefly of potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium salts of polysaccharide sulphate esters which, on hydrolysis, yield galactose and 3, 6-anhydrogalactose. Carrageenan shall not be hydrolysed otherwise chemically degraded.




Snowy White Powder

Particle Size

95% pass 60/120/200mesh

Viscosity (m.Pas)


Total Ash Content (%)


Moisture (%)


KCL Gel Strength (g/cm2) (1.5%,0.2%Kcl)


Transparency (T %)


PH level


Ash of not dissolve into acid (%)


Sulphate (%,count by SO42 -)


Arsenic content (ppm)


Pb content(ppm)


Hg content(ppm)


Cadmium content(ppm)


Total Plate Count (cfu/g)


Yeast & Moulds(cfu/g)


E. coli

Negative in 5g


Negative in 10g

Packing: 20kg or 25kg net paper bags, or as per customer’s requirements. 

Storage: In cool and dry condition with original packing or well-closed container.