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Low Sugar Instant Dry Yeast

Instant Dry Yeast, as a natural biological product, is healthy, no additives and is rich in nutrition, with simple usage, fast fermentation rate, long shelf life and favorable price.

TYPE: Low sugar Yeast, High sugar yeast

INGREDIENTS: Natural yeast, emulsifier




Light yellow to yellowish   brown


Particle or strips


Yeast distinctive smell, no   peculiar smell


No impurity

Fermenting power


Loss on drying


Retention rate


Live cell rate


Functional Features of Low Sugar Yeast:

1. It is suitable for breads and pastry with low sugar content, especially for the low sugar and sugar free European breads;

2. It has high fermentation activity and strong fermentation endurance, which can effectively shorten the fermentation time;

3. It makes the bread with good expansion in the oven; it makes the product in uniform color, in large size, and with good taste.

Functional Features of High Sugar Yeast:

1. It is made from selected high activity and high osmotic pressure resistant yeast strains and is suitable for the production of a variety of bread recipes with high glucose (25%) and high oil (20%).

2. It can effectively shorten the dough fermentation time;

3. It makes the bread a good expansion in the oven and meets the expansion requirements of different fermentation processes (such as direct dough and sponge dough method). It makes the bread with good expansion and large volume.

4. It makes the products in uniform color, with delicate internal organization and good taste.

USAGE: Mix this yeast powder directly with dry ingredients and then add water and stir well

DOSAGE: 0.8-1.0% of the amount of flour;

NOTE: Avoid directly mixing the yeast with oil, salt and ice; add oil only after all the other ingredients added and mixed evenly. Adjust the dough's temperature between 26-28 ℃.


Normal Pack: 500g/bag 20 bags/carton (vacuum packing);

Economical pack: 5kg vacuum pack available upon request;

1750 Cartons/20’FCL

SHELF LIFE: 2 years in dry and cool places;